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Gain Complete Protection for System, Application and Data

Although the cause of an outage can vary, the solution is the same — you need to be able to recover your systems, applications, and data quickly and completely. With Corserva’s backup and disaster recovery services, you’re back up and run-ning as soon as possible.

Disaster Recovery as a Services

All-in-one Phisical Onesite  Backup Applinaces 

Off Site Business Continuity

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Why Should you use Compudile’s managed backup and disaster recovery services?

Unified backup  solutions to project  all  your data

Data protection  design, implemtation, monitoring, maintenance, and recovery services

Instant recovery VMWare, Hyper-V, Windows, and Linux  systems

Encryption capabilities  for security data in-flight and at-rest 

Protection for physical  and virtual system, operating system, and applications

Reliable offsite, scalable data protection

Adapting to WFD Models

Business information is ever-growing in data size and complexity. With the escalating popularity of work-from-home models, busi-ness data includes mobile and cloud-based access. Systems and data must be available and accessible from more than just the office. This opens up a whole new set of requirements re-garding security and data protection.

Securing today’s mobile workforce presents unique challenges. Employees may be working in multiple locations, using public WiFi and outside of the corporate network.

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Data loss, ransomware, and compliance requirements are driv-ing today’s disaster recovery strategies. A security breach can interrupt business operations until remediation is complete.
The impact on your business can be severe.

A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution should be focused on the ability to restore operations as quickly as possible with minimal loss of data.

Corserva enables businesses of all sizes to adopt comprehensive business recovery and continuity solutions that are cost-effec-tive while guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards.

Compudile’s backup and Disaster recovery services

Customized  Data Protection

Our data protection experts work with you to define your backup, recovery, retention, archiving and disaster recovery needs. We then configure and implement a customized data protection program by installing an all-in-one purpose-built physical backup appliance in your network to locally protect your data for fast recovery. Your data is also replicated to a highly secure cloud environment, which enables us to restore lost servers in seconds. Our team of backup specialists monitors your backup jobs daily to ensure ongoing protection for your business.


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